Roman Holiday, Casino, Vivica Fox

Wednesday morning tv watching:

Roman Holiday was good, as always. You know at the end when Audrey says, “I have faith in relations between countries as I have faith in relations between people” and Gregory Peck says something like “that’s cool, it’s not misplaced.” Is she telling him she has faith that he won’t trivialize their fling by making it into a story or is she saying that they will meet up again?

Casino is hilarious here because HBO bleeps out everything. Ergo, the lack of awesome beat-up scenes and coke scenes and James Woods is made up for with some creative rewrites:
Stuff you! Stuff you! Stuff you!
Filthy maggot!
It is great to see Nicky ask the cowboy, “You called my friend a maggot!? A maggot!?” A big deal, apparently.

Then there was some movie with Vivica A. Fox, Carmen Electra and some cute girl that I know I’ve seen before. It was totally unwatchable. I wish Vivica was the new Pam Grier. Do it, QT.


~ by The Slam on 2008/01/09.

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